Smoky Mountains National Park Wild Fire

Smoky Mountains National Park 15,000 Acres Burned And 7 Fatalities

With the Great Smoky Mountains being the most visited park in the United States, it’s sure to suffer from the recent wildfires that’s not only claimed 7 precious lives but the effects of the wildfires has cause much more disaster than simply the forest burning.

More than 15,000 acres in the Cherokee National Forest has burned from the busy streets of Gatlinburg to Up in the mountains of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park area where folks come from all over America to see the attractions like Dollywood, black bears, deer and other types of wildlife that live there in serenity, not to mention the mountain areas and the park itself being the main attraction in Sevier County Tennessee.

Over 700 structures like homes, vacation rentals, restaurants and hotels have burned down and had a direct effect from the wildfire disaster also. The damage is well in the billions of dollars. Some people are still missing and the death toll is up to 7 as of today. Many firefighters from surrounding counties and the Red Cross has set up disaster shelters and came to the aid of the homeless, area business and tourists that may need emergency assistance in the area.

This is also home of Dolly Parton and her infamous Dollywood Theme Park resides near the disaster areas as well as her 300 million dollar Dreammore Resort. Flames were ravishing the wooded areas behind Dreammore but the fires remained out of direct range from resulting in a massive loss for the Dolly Parton Foundation if disaster had hit the premises. Dolly Parton said in a statement she is heart broken and hopes to be able to arrive and  help the families with the loss of their homes soon.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is coming to the aid of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by donating thousands of trees in the spring which is the prime planting season in Tennessee to re-plant the thousands of acres of trees lost in the wildfire. Tammy at Tn Nursery is asking for other nurseries in Tennessee to lend a hand and help their fellow Tennessee neighbors with tree donations of hardwoods, maples, poplars, pines and other type species that the Smoky Mountains National Park was once filled with.Let’s help each other restore America and make the Great Smoky Mountains great again.