Quality Plants? Yes, we are certified by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and we fresh dig all our stock prior to shipping.

Where Do We Ship? To all states and 13 foreign countries. We understand the requirements of international shipping as well as per state requirements and plants that are not allowed to be shipped to specific areas.

How Do We Ship ? Fedex Smart Post

Will Plants Do Fine In Transit? Absolutely, we package each plant or tree in terasorb, a silicone gel to protect the roots then we surround root system with peat moss and plastic. Plants do well in transit and arrive in excellent condition.

Is Shipping Affordable? Yes, calculated in checkout prior to placing order and the rate is 10-20%, depending on weight of order and shipping zone.

Warranty? Absolutely. We warranty all plants for 1 year for a full replacement warranty upon receiving plants back.

Are We reputable? Yes, we’ve been in the wholesale nursery grower industry for 58 years and three generations. We have a very clean reputation and many references under our feedback page.

Should I Plant My Order Immediately? Yes and no. If you can not store your plants and water every 2-3 days in a cool area, they will need planted right away. If you have a cool (32-45 degree) area like a basement or cellar or garage, water the roots every couple days and they will do fine until you can plant.

When Do You Ship? We ship all order fast, within 5-7 days. We ship all shrubs and trees in the dormant season between the months of November through Mid April.

Where Are We Located ? We are close to Nashville Tennessee, in a small town high atop a mountain in Altamont Tennessee.

How Much Stock Do You Have? Alot ! We have 3400 acres of availability and we guarantee you will not find a greater inventory anywhere.

Do You Sell To Anyone ? Yes we do. Homeowners and wholesalers’ alike gets our grower prices on quality plants.